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In spite the recent policies where they are not allowed to criticize Obama

check the most popularΒ  headlines

and a few others down the list

Obama’s handpicked deficit commission co-chair says current economic crisis was “largely unforeseen”


Obama’s Health Care Bill Is Enough to Make You Sick

Someone needs to herd them back on the plantation

Although, the last line from that first headline says it all

But you can not wipe away the reality that millions of others feel like me.


You can fool some people some of the times…

Should we call them “sore winners”? That would neglect the facts that this was a stolen election

Better stick with


I get very scared reading about anything “pleasing BP” but it’s just one of the creative headlines today. How many ways you can say “BP trying to fix the mess. Again.”?

The fingers crossed are still there

In Texas they get folksy

in Florida matter of fact

but in LA they seem to finally have became quite skeptical – note the quotation marks in the headline – although the “pleased” still appears in the subtitle

And with all that hope and pleasing, only USA Today headlineΒ  mentions that oil flows freely into the ocean now

Also, in Texas, they think BP connections are a political liability

another headline contrary to hope and pleasing in Wall Street Journal: BP MULLS SELLING BILLIONS IN ASSETS Oh, the humanity!

In another breach of the oil-kill news embargo, both LA Times and Moonie Times have stories on the oil burning. I’ll go with theΒ  Moonies – more regrets, better photo


Interesting how all of them view things in terms of politics. Rome burns and they all watch the fiddle player.
Clinton accomplished more with less because he put himself out. He got bludgeoned by the media but cared – and got a better economy and a few good social reforms. Te second term came out of that.
It seems now – like during W, that all world events are judged in terms of how they affect Obama politically. Oil kill, economy, people’s jobs – nothing but rhetorical tools in campaign speeches.
A loss in November would be an easier way to blame the “R”s

When you make an assumption, you make an ass out of "u" and "umption" Perfesser Black is confused about the politics: So let's say Obama's people have correctly deduced that there's no chance in hell of getting anything through Congress. They have two basic options. First, they could get on the teevee every day and say, "This is my plan to help. Republicans in Congress won't pass it." They could hold rallies in Maine. Allies could run ads. At least people would know who is for and who is against…and just what it … Read More

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