Today’s scarce news is mostly with a question mark. Not sooner have the papers yesterday announced BP has been put on a time table, today they announced installing a new cap (everything BP promises has a question mark)

all the BP ghetto is buzzing with the news

what I want to know is why are the feds the spokespeople for BP? Check this Mississipi headline: FEDS: PROJECT IF SUCCESSFUL COULD CONTAIN THE LEAK

Texas, as I fully expected, may be back in the club – another question mark here

Also, since this is Saturday, news dump day, 2 newspapers broke the blockade on oil-kill

LA Times ironically talks about “muted economic impact” – who “muted” it?

Also, from in or out Texas – agony over drilling companis leaving the Gulf because of the ban. You wanna bet they’ll getΒ  a bigger subsidy and come back?

and WaPo also ventured into the forbidden topic

Don’t worry, it’s Saturday. People are at the beach – the ones that BP didn’t ruin that for them yet..