If it’s Friday, it’s time for the DU-dies!

Peter Daou captured the civil war going on in B0botdom -he even used Bobotland examples (he used to be a member PeteNYC – interesting he’s no longer)

But it’s more fun to see how are going about it – by  trying to define themselves – for further exclusionary purposes


Operative is trying to rationalize banning yet more dissent with a long theory

– I’ll excerpt this one:

First I think that there are three distinct groups not two at DU.

Solidarity Democrats

Solidarity Democrats strongest argument is based on the fact that the Senate requires not a super majority but a super-super majority…(tell that to W -my comment)
Principle Democrats

Principle Democrats feel that too much compromise has undermined the essential message of the Democratic Party. “If the salt has lost its taste then what is it good for”. Many in this group feel that the President is a good and decent person but is too trustful of institutions in general and of the Republicans and Big Business in particular.

Radical Alternative Democrats

Radical Alternative Democrats feel that there is a deep structural problem in the country that has corrupted not just the Republican Party but has fatally wounded the Democratic Party. All politicians are basically corrupt. The President may have started out as a community organizer and not taken the easy street but has sold out now. Today he is a corporatist

Notice how everything is about Obama,

the imposibility to spell “principled” or any actual principle. And the purpose of this is to get rid of the third group

The reality is that there are other places for Radical Alternative Democrats to go and express themselves where the rules of the site will remove disruptor’s (sic) who don’t agree with their basic agenda.

A few “radicals ” bitch and moan

6. No, my “premise” was contained in my statement: ALL the changes

have been made to accommodate “your side” and yet it still isn’t good enough–I surmise that it never will be.

and again

48. Hilarious doublespeak. Those “solidarity democrats” have been bashing liberals for weeks.

And that’s your “solidarity”, right there.

In fact, you personally told me I have a deep hatred of the president even though you or anyone can search my too many posts and find no such hatred.

Tell us another one, grantcart. Seriously.







On a thread about Greg Sargent’s piece on Obama voters not worthy of him titled

“Dem base is out of sync with the size and scope of Obama’s accomplishments”

.a few snappy exchanges

1. They expected God and got a mortal man. n/t

Yes We Can!!
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2. Yep. And him being damn good, is just not enough.

13. They expected a left turn and got a right turn Clyde instead.

and you don’t believe what comes after a yawn

9. Yawn..
how’s that spying on us Immunity going?

How are these two wars going?

How much was approved for Afghan last night?

How’s the Gitmo closing going?

How are the continued renditions and torture working out for you??

I sure as hell didn’t sign on for the shitty HCR we got..no way no how!

How is the Habeas Corpus working out?? Oh it’s not..

I can tell you as a gulf coast resident..I am pissed as hell at this government for turning over control of the Gulf to a foreign Oil Corporation! And the delays and the total incompetance of this administration…while our Gulf and everything in and around her drowns in Oil!

and that is just my short list..

In fact I got surveyed by the Dem party last night..by phone..and My husband was listening to my answers..and he said..I have never ever heard you so angry and so out of control with a survey questioner.

I said damn right I am pissed and I will not be shut up about it!..By anyone!


I figured I’d better copy that yawn fast, before the new policy of protecting Obama eats it up

Sexist commentary to this Doonesburry cartoon which I am not sure they got

11. surounded by estrogen…….he’s done for.


and more sexism

25. This is awesome ……….

It makes beck and limbaugh look like little kids,
And the media freaks look like a nagging wife.
:rofl: :patriot: :yourock:

Here’s a header that says it all

Can Obama make a speech without using the phrase “on the other hand”?

The schadenfreude value of reactions to Kos “blacklisting”

3. Kos is such a nebbish

I’m glad he’s not representing “the left” on television anymore.

there are a few more good ones

21. Ah, you see that is part of what’s wrong with Kos

The fact that a company does not want to hire Kos is not Blacklisting, which is a very specific term that springs from the very mediums Kos wants to be a part of. To use that term about a personal dispute, a petty one at that, is like calling your bout with the flu the Holocaust. It is just tacky and self serving, while being utterly dismissive of the history of that practice, which may or may not continue, but which never involves a direct explanation as to why an individual is not being hired, but applies to secret, industry wide banning of people thought to hold views the majority does not like. Alone, you get fired. Not Blacklisted. Banned, fine. Blacklisted?…more   Permalink


.a cheerleading thread for the catfood commission gone wrong

18. We’re not going to just cut you in half, Simpson. You’ll be more stable without your legs. Honest.


.And this week DUdie goes to


In the old “give them enough rope” department – a thread discussing the cat food commission

someone(who ironically sports an Eleanor Roosevelt avatar) offers this hopey changey possibility:

I think the commission was set up to expose the people on it, especially

the ones who want to cut social transfers. Remember congress does not have to listen to their recommendations. Give them enough rope to hang themselves. At least I hope that is the situation.