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Back in the 70’s this board game sported the old BP logo

“The thrills of drilling, hazards and rewards….” sounds like fun for the whole family.

The article on this find comes from UK
so the tone is rather sad about the money loss rather than outraged about the loss of an ocean

But BP Offshore Oil Strike players must also avoid the dreaded ‘hazard cards’, which state: ‘Blow-out! Rig damaged. Oil slick clean-up costs. Pay $1million.’

Unhappily for BP, that is just one per cent of the amount it has spent each day tackling the very real Deepwater Horizon leak, which has seen millions of barrels of oil gush into the Gulf of Mexico and hit the southern US coast.

Yeah, but it was from the 70’s.

So glad to see the Brits have a sense of perspective about this.


In a twisted related story

BP Will Penalize Fishermen For Not Helping To Clean Up Their Toxic Mess. Unbelievable!

this is not a game, but real

BP is claiming is that if fishermen choose not to take part in the oil spill cleanup, BP will consider that as potential income declined and deduct it from their claims.


I’ll start with the heat story because I can’t escape it

A DC headline – but NYC beat it by 1 degree

and in NY, the water restrictions start

In non-weather news , there are some glued to the US vs Arizona suit

and Moonie Times tells us with a photo more than all the fawning headlins about “starting peace process”

Moving on to the oil kill information getto, we find out that past drillings pose danger too – 27,000 wells. I have to wonder how much the timing of this has to do with BP’s lawyers working for liability reduction

In LA, oil is creeping inland threatening NOLA

and Texas is the new Mississippi (state on denial). I still have their “our beaches are safe” headlines in my archives

Leaving the oil-kill getto. In NYC, it’s all about the subway today


and Metro

Returning to weather related news – while in NY we cancel mushroom trips in Florida it’s  mushroom madness. Not fair!


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