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It may be a felony .

Our government is backing BP’s demands that we are not told what they are doing.

Besides, to paraphraseΒ  Barbara Bush, why should we trouble our beautiful minds with images of dead whales, dolphins and birds?

But the Brits did have the last laugh after all. Their money bought off our rights. Happy Independence Day, Obama’s Banana Republicans!


Did I say BP bought off our rights? Nope. They just yanked them, and we foot the bill for the destruction anyway

As Oil Industry Fights a Tax, It Reaps Billions From Subsidies

At the same time, BP was reaping sizable tax benefits from leasing the rig. According to a letter sent in June to the Senate Finance Committee, the company used a tax break for the oil industry to write off 70 percent of the rent for Deepwater Horizon β€” a deduction of more than $225,000 a day since the lease began.

So, we’re paying THEM a quarter million a day and to make up the difference, Obama sets up the catfood commission so that the greedy geezers replenish the treasury.


I guess with 4th of July, WaPo felt entitled to a little page one propaganda – look at him working for you

Which is quite the opposite of these evil subway workers from NYC that NY Post caught sleeping on the job

Fair enough. Only the subways are running, what do we get for our dime from our fearless leader?

Day 75 of the oil-kill

Dead water, oiled animal deaths – and that’s with the government censoring the news for BP

Empty beaches on this of all weekends

and more areas in Floroda suffer now

I managed to find one uplifting cover for the happy ending (just ignore the headline on the left)


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