Mel provides us with another summer entertainment – and those who were fine with his antisemitism are now “disappointed” in such an upstanding guy. Daily News gets cover of the day

Keeping it fun, moving to Blago trial, where Obama pal Rezko dishes on Blago’s expenses . No, not real estate, clothes silly:

In the more somber world of the oil kill, Feds issue a DUH statement – no s*, Sherlock. Ya think?

and BP issues a DUH statement

Alabama gets hit worse

and more DUH in previously denying Mississipi

And a funny headline in Moonie Times: OBAMA ALIENATES GOP. Oh, noes! Where did the love go?

In NY, cheerier subjects: No fault divorces

and hell just froze over: NY Post praises Paterson. Really.

With a bit of visual disability snark..