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A very good unpacking of the gossipy little boys club who sold out to install Obama.
Especially welcome is the Taibbi dressing down.

Thursday: Blogospheric Uproar Good Morning Conflucians!!! I hope you’ll forgive me if I spend some time today wallowing in a bit of media gossip. The past week hasn’t been all that great for the “progressive” blogger boyz. Poor Markos found out he got cheated by Research 2000, the polling firm he’s been paying for the past year. So now he’s suing the polling firm, and poor Chris Bowers had to take all of the Cheeto polls out of his calculations and completely redo his “Generi … Read More

via The Confluence

USA Today gets cover of the day for reporting on oil-kill and war death toll

Even Washington Times pays a bit of attention to the oil-kill today, together with Blago’s “mud pies”

In Florida, they worry about Alex’s effect on the oil-kill

while in LA they are hopeful about the big skimmer A Whale

and in Mississippi they worry about the oil waste

in NYC, NY Post milks the spy story day 3 withΒ  their favorite no longer red headed spy

and AM NY moans and bitches on the benefit of us. East Siders for the change of the fireworks on the other side of the Isle of Manhattan (I still trust my roof with a view)


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