The spy story is too tabloid ready to last just one day. Which cover of the day to use?

I’ll go with DC Express, for not using pictures

Runner up, NY Daily News for highlighting …some family who came up to seek notoriety for knowing them – note how they pixilated the kids – no one will ever know them

and finally NY Post for managing to put 2 covers in one on their favorite red head

In the real world, a real war (out of 2) is being discussed

and also, Kagan went bipartisan (threw Thurgood Marshall under the bus)

In the even more real world, the oil-kill is eating the Atlantic Ocean.

Mississippi papers are the one to look at for coverage

as they just came out of denial

In Florida, it’s under the fold: Local residents buy their own boom. Also check Goldman’s role in the AIG bailout finally made public

In LA, Grand isle gets further hit

In NYC, traffic concerns for the WTC memorial area (or rather: TOURISTS!!!)

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