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I have never been a fan of Tom Tomorrow. I don’t remember him being that lucid in 2008.

This however is one of those just right moments

Meet Chuckles, the Sensible Woodchuck

Complete with Bobotland woodchucks who fail to see what’s so funny

19. The joke is on you. Our political environment will never be the

utopia you dream of. Welcome to reality. You’re welcome.

I especially love this panel

Although, there’s nothing wrong with this one either

and this B0botland comment complete with new signature might make me change names

28. ChucklesUnderground

LOL! :rofl:
Rendition, Troop Escalation, Predator Drone Strikes, Wiretapping

They even asked – and one offered – a Chuckles avatar


The group claims the 'BP logo represents a stain on Tate's  international reputation'If you thought BP put all UK to sleep with its “Yanks want our pensioners poor” propaganda, you are wrong.

I noted this Tate Gallery  protest in the LA paper today: tar and feathers were appropriately brought to the exhibit BP proudly sponsors

and then I searched further and found this

Oil painting: Artists gatecrash Tate Britain’s summer party in protest at BP sponsorship

It has photos like this one
Protest: A woman pours oil and feathers outside the entrance to  the Tate Britain in central London, which is hosting the Tate Britain  summer

Love the group’s name: The Good Crude Britannia. I found the  FB site for them if you are interested

This is one seems to have time traveled  from the good old days of the cold war! Russian spies were arrested! in NYC they’re all excited

But don’t worry, Americans! We can now shoot them on sight

Another confirmation circus in congress. LA Times has a good shot

Gun celebration pretty much kicked the oil kill off page one in Alabama. But in Mississippi, they surely changed their tune from “what oil?”

And there seems to be too much concern over BP’s clean-up costs

and some concern over ineffective clean-up.

in NYC, more  spies excitement

with NY Post finding  its kind of angle

and more on the state budget


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