And this is how Hands across the Sand in NYC happened

I was surprised at how many people actually showed up.

I believe some joined up from the beach

which is also great.

it felt good in the fog of the isolation the media blackout keep us

to see we were many

and now from elsewhere today: California

Hands 012 by paints12.


DSC04108 by eqflpbc.//


Hands Across the Sand Buckroe Beach, Hampton, VA by elevandoski.

Florida- Honeymoon Island

View West from Seaside by Gail_Judd.

Washington State

Saltwater State Park Washington State 6-26 2 by daveatpalisades.

Venice Beach, Fla

IMG_0573 by mermaidyn.

Delray Beach, Fla

Delray Beach, Florida, USA by dolfans3.

Santa Cruz, Ca

photo by DSF  by snapshot rockstar.

Siesta Key beach – would that be one of Florida keys?

Hands Across the Sand by aneye4wonder (Ineta McParland).

Laguna Beach, Fla

Hands Laguna Beach FL by rawlsw..

Jacksonville, Fla

Paul Mitchell the School Jacksonville Green Team - Hands Across  the Sand 2 by Paul Mitchell the School Jacksonville.

and even on lakes such as Lake Loveland, Colorado

June2610`0 064 by jldukette..