This week’s DUdie’s – the runner ups:

From a thread trying to justify Jr.jr’s faithy speech, some priceless zings.

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108. Well then he is very wrong, and guilty of spreading lies!
BEcause everybody knows courage doesn’t come from prayers. Courage comes when you are bitten on the penis with a viper on the first new moon of Autumn, but only before the Maenads have sacrificed to Dyonisis.

.and more

Response to Reply #205

220. There is no “separation of church and state” in the Constitution
It is, however, an unwritten guiding principle which I believe in, as you do. I have to say I do not see how President Obama trying to bring some comfort to the people of the Gulf (the vast majority of whom are religious in some way) is a terrible violation of anything. Sometimes what is called for is just a little humanity.

From a thread wondering about the worst case scenario in the oil-kill, one apologist goes commando:

Irresponsible statement

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7. This is a completely irresponsible statement.
“What if the BP gusher in the Gulf is unstoppable?”

If it’s unstoppable we’re doomed.

Good grief.


and when reminded it wasn’t a statement

11. OK, it’s an irresponsible question.

It’s not back  (sic) up by any facts. What the hell is a better energy policy going to do if the gusher cannot be stopped?

There are a lot of people pushing for significant changes to our energy policies without dealing in alarmist hypotheticals.


.In a discussion about prayer day for the oil-kill to stop – no one remembers B0’s 6 paragraphs on it, but they duly find it absurd

10. I wanna help god

Where do I send my money?


On a discussion about Obama playing golf

11. And Hayward attending a race is different how?

enough of the fucking retoric! (sic) Come up with a plan to stop the oil from gushing out and contain what has already spilt out. And it damn well better not include me ‘praying’!

and the apologist view

21. I don’t begrudge the most fucked over president in history

a little r/r every once in awhile. I’d like the guy to be able to keep his sanity. I don’t think Tony Hayward (as much of an ass as I think he is) should have to live on the beach either. People have a lot of anger over a whole lot of crap going on right now in the world, and it’s understandable and shared. But I think people are focusing on trivial things with their anger. I heard that Tony Hayward took a 30 minute shower yesterday and BHO took a 27 minute shit!! The abomination of it all!! The HORROR!!!!

This almost made the DUdie:

Accusing Obama of “shaking down BP was raycist

You guys do realize the right accusing Obama of a shakedown is a racial dog whistle

It is no accident that the Republicans are accusing President Obama of “shaking down” BP, back in 2002 Ken Timmerman wrote a book about “Jesse Jackson called: Shakedown: Exposing The Real Jesse Jackson.”…

Accusing Obama of shaking down BP is a dog whistle to those on the right who were very fond of this book when it was published. The choice of calling it a “shakedown” is not a coincidence.

The right likes to tie Obama to Jackson anytime they can, they like to play up Chicago style politics anytime they can and they love to use racial dog whistles anytime they can.

comes complete with Hillary raycist memories

43. Reminds me of when Hillary tried to hang “slumlord” around his neck.

I just had the feeling then that she was trying to tie him to “slums” aka “ghetto”.

I don’t want to reopen old wounds, I am just telling it like I saw it then.

Panning Bob Herbert’s piece “When Greatness slips away”

8. Some of these guys are expecting to live history. There are no historical events.

Until long after they have been done and only after we’ve come to recognize just what they are.


A moment of lucidity on an outrageoues B0 promise that they all cheer

Obama vows to end homelessness in 10 years

80. The failure to simply extend jobless benefits suggests this initiative is a total

pipe dream.

Everyone is now saying McChrystal is Cheney’s hack. One sees the problem

He is now Obama’s Hack..Obama knew who and what this man is..

he put the man in charge of Afghan..there is a chain of command..Obama is the top of that command..and Sy Hersh put this out in May..if Obama didn’t want this going on, he should not have put him in charge..there was plenty of previous behavior known on this pig!

Hersh: U.S Executing Afghan Prisoners

Sat, 15 May 2010 16:48:27 GMT


13. I agree

Obama should never have appointed him.

On the same subject, from the Queen herself – drumroll:


and she gets the DUdie this week:

General McCrystal should resign and become a Blogger……

Because just like most everyone else currently posting on the Internet, he clearly believes he knows better than the President exactly what needs to be done. In that sense, he is not an oddity; he’s part of the consensus of the many folks who, without the buck stopping there, believe themselves to have just the right answers to whatever. However, unlike those on the Internet, he took an oath to the CIC, and so since he didn’t hold up to his oath, he needs to voluntarily choose to go. He can then start a blog…..and become another of the many Presidential/Administration critic.

I have to give credit to a few B0bots for getting some of it on their terms

I can’t help it. It’s funny that FC is trying to use a war criminal

to tar bloggers.


30. Are you suprised?

I’m not.