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Interesting angle.
The original piece neglects the detail that W was almost as arrogant – and pretty much got smashed by the Gods into ridiculousness as well
HillBuz forgets that Hera usually intervenes only out of jealousy when Zeus’s filandering is involved.
But yes, Greek Gods did punish hubris – and if I’d pick a God that would strike Obama, it would have to be Poseidon for full justice.

Here’s a fun read by Victor David Hanson, where he invokes Greek myth in the form of the lesser goddess Nemesis to explain the collapse of the cult of Obama. Β In short, he waxes on the Olympian plane to recount Dr. Utopia’s determined hubris as a candidate, where he constantly used grandiose hyperbole to delude his cultists into believing, as president, he would “lower the oceans”, “heal the planet”, “fix broken souls”, and do everything else thi … Read More

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Thanks to McChrystal, at least one war is front and center

The Express: doubts about Petraeus chances

Interesting headline in LA Times suggesting Jr.jr’s strategy is unrealistic

WaPo puts Obama “confident” in quotation marks, then a subtitle


On the oil-kill front, bad news all around. Mississipi will get after allΒ  it from shifting winds

and here’s a black wave going over that seafood Obama declared safe to eat

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In LA, knee deep in oil, they want more drilling

Here’s a schisofrenic cover bitching both about the ban and the spill. Which is gonna be?

Also, turns out, those Florida Keys weren’t as safe as “experts” predicted a few days ago

and in Alabama new problems: how to dispose of this new garbage from BP?

Sorry, no entertaining headlines today, NYC is all blotter


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