Really. Called me “dear fellow Democrat” in spite of my mailing Howard Dean my change of affiliation on May 31, 2008!

They are really casting a very wide net as they caught me in spite of my repeated screaming matches with the DNC & friends.

Oprecious name was big on the envelope . I threw it in the garbage pronto, but then I decided to write about it so, I took t out.

It’s a money request of course. I am supposed to want to send it to them as I don’t want the “R”s to take control and stop them strides forward they took. Huh? What strides?

Stupakistan’s HCR is mentioned at the topΒ  and why would I want the Heritage Foundation brain child endure?

Do they really think this stuff will sell?

I know they decided to spend big to lure back Obama’s voters

As political gambles go, it’s a big and risky one: $50 million to test the proposition that the Democratic Party‘s outreach to new voters that helped make Barack Obama president can work in an election where his name is not on the ballot.

Considering that whoever Obama campaigned for lately lost, it’s not even a gamble, it’s an idiotic waste of money.

And considering whom they are mailing Obama’s begging letters, it’s a tripleΒ  loser idea. Shouldn’t they checked me off their lists by now after my previous showdowns?

Or did they really think Obama’s love for his retards will make me change my mind?

PS. Afrocity Brown posted the image on FB and I picked here to illustrate the chances Obama has of getting money from me.