Because BP’sΒ  oil-kill can’t be expected to do everything, today at the whaling summit Obama is expected to argue for killing them outright (lifting the ban on whaling)

Meanwhile, in NYC, from Daily News no less, Obama’s golfing gets noticed – at least by the GOP according to the paper. The rest of us would feel he should gold all the time, damn it!

LA Times serves us the cornucopia of disasters – the war (one of them) and the oil-kill causing mental stress

From Alabama, a history of BP lies – how they got 100 times bigger with the estimates

From Florida, more on the whaling ban and Tony’s yacht (but not Bam’s golf – to use Daily News vernacular)

In Luisiana they keep their hopes in the relief drill

while in Mississipi a new substance comes ashore – hey, maybe we should give BP a Nobel prize for chemistry

Wall Street Journal writes how BP managed to “blunt US’s demand” – apparently 20 minutes photo op with Obama can only accomplish that much

From Missouri (not Chicago) a bit on Blago’s trial

In NYC,a chapter in the Madoff saga that for those who watched Damages is “life imitates art”

Elsewhere in NYC, the talk of the tabloids is dirty subways

and Metro too