Having declared that he cannot suck the oil with a straw and having deployed his strongest weapon “teh speech”, Obama decided the oil-kill is done and it’s time to “turn a corner” (where we can’t see it) Or, in other words, just as he did with any job he’s ever held, he is bored now with the “inconvenience” in the gulf (to use BP vernacular)

Gushes WaPo

Turning the corner on the Gulf oil spill?

Has the president turned the corner on the oil drilling crisis?

This week’s schedule for President Obama suggests that the White House believes he has. After dominating the conversation in Washington all last week, the environmental crisis in the Gulf of Mexico does not appear front and center on the White House calendar.

It seems that, kust like in the first month after the explosion, Obama and friends still think their job regarding the oil-kill is news management.

The oil may be flowing in the ocean but it seems – or so the White House thinks – blame has been shifted

Still, there appeared to be a significant shift in the public relations last week, as anger was increasingly directed at BP and its CEO, Tony Hayward, instead of at the president and his administration.

And the debacle of Texas Rep. Joe Barton apologizing to BP — and then apologizing for his apology — forced Republicans off of their attack lines for several days.

All righty then. The enemy is…cornered. On to the whale killing we go! This guy?

Sucks to be him!

There is a problem however with turning corners too often (assuming they did in any way)

As the cartoon with W – who used the expression one time too often demonstrates, the trouble with turning corners is that…3 times, you’re back.