All this reminiscing from Miq made me recall a story from last year.

I keep a pot garden on my roof – with tomatoes, peppers and eggplants among other things.

The eggplants had just started to form, I was in dirt up to my elbows re-potting my raspberry when a young guy with a notebook stops by: are those baby eggplants for sale?

No, they are not. I work to grow my vegetables for my family.

To bad. I’d sure love to buy them.

What else do you grow? Do you know how to make cheese?

he was taking notes of everything I was saying.

Finally answering my WTF question he let me into his vision of the future: a big garden on the roof growing baby eggplants and whatever else he liked. A restaurant were people would come for fresh vegetables and cheese of our own making.

And it wouldn’t cost a thing as interns would do all the work. It would make money for the building and charity donations.

Interns? Why would we have interns?

The Obamas stressed the importance of gardening AND community activism. They’d have to come.

I didn’t argue. It might just work.  B0bots are stupid enough.

He didn’t have a precise answer to whether we’d keep a cow or a goat in the basement for the cheese (it had come as a bit of a surprise to him that cheese didn’t grow in pots as well). But he did make a note of it in his notebook – I am sure he has a solution by now.


And in case you think it was just a crazy guy who happened on my roof, think again: he was a member of the condominium board, although he had just moved in.

I am not privy to the rest of their world domination plans through enslaving other B0bots are.

But the next day, my eggplants were gone.