Glad I don’t tour the “creative” blogosphere these days – and happier still to have MIQ editorialize it for me.
How did it happen that all these CDS infested Republicans – Cole, Avrosis, Huffington, Kos became the shiny beacons of the “progressive” blogosphere? What kind of money is behind this? I bet the same as behind picking and funding Obama.

Don't be a hater Ever have a what-the-fuck? moment of clarity? That's when you see something and your first reaction is what the fuck? but then it hits you: So that's how we got in this fucking mess! I pulled this little butt nugget from an otherwise forgettable post by Paradox over at The Left Coaster: The lame theater clanked along through the years, Ronnie’s successor absolutely vilified and despised for the attempt at being responsible in raising taxes, Clint … Read More

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