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.As promised, the first installment in my weekly “B0b0t comment of the week” contest.


The award is the DUdie(pronounced doodie) in a tip of the hat to their own defunct DUzies. B0botland won’t be the only source of course.

I decided to mix the idiotic with the actually sentient ones to protect my readers brains.

Who will win the first DUdie this week? So many candidates!

The runners up

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A thread

On January 20, 2009, Obama was handed a plate full of shit sandwiches

Many Democrats are upset that he’s not eating them fast enough.

Most Republicans are upset that he is blaming the chef.

the answer

1. Yeah, and he put them all in sandwich bags, and handed them to progressives.

Now he’s dining on filet mignon in the boardroom.

Next? :smoke:


From a thread called

I’m sorry, I wanted so damn much to believe, have hope and faith America was changing direction.

9. You guys should just post some more Obama superman pictures and …

the “chill, I got this” picture. Then we can all sit back assured that everything will end up great as long as we stop fretting.

also this one

5. This is why hope and faith should have nothing to do wtih politics

I think we could all use a little more materialism (not in the consumerist sense, but in using reality, facts, and history as our guide for understanding politics and economics, rather than rhetoric and campaign promises).

Easier said than done, I know, because it’s so much easier to believe that some great person will be able to step up and make change happen. But it doesn’t really work that way, and we should know that by now instead of relearning it every 4 or 8 years…

Please take this post in the spirit intended – it’s not directed at you personally, just our overall political discourse.

.In a cheerleading thread, the PUMA standard

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we have this post

19. So, everyone who isn’t still enchanted with Obama

is a PUMA? For the record, I along with the majority on DU, voted for Obama in the primary.
NO ONE is sadder about the turn of events than we are. Or maybe I should say ‘than I am’…don’t want to speak for them.

proving loyalty and justifying opposition

43. i’ve hated the guy from jump..

hated him so much that for the first time in my life i donated cash to a presidential candidate. i hate obama so much that i bought three prints from his website. i despise the man with a passion, that’s why i purchased the shep fairey designed “PROGRESS” shirt and wore it proudly. my hatred for him is also why i purchased sam flores’ “HOPE” shirt and wore it to work on election day. my loathing for obama runs so deep that every time sticker robot released a new decal i would buy a 50 pack and distribute freely among my friends and co-workers.

yep, some people just never ever supported him.

and justifying desillusion

56. how unreasonable for me to expect a democrat would support unions..

how unreasonable for me to expect a democrat would investigate the war crimes of the previous administration.
how unreasonable for me to expect a democrat would help to enact meaningful healthcare reform rather than watered down health insurance reform.
how unreasonable for me to expect a democrat would look to put an end to DADT.
how unreasonable for me to expect a democrat would put working families interests above those of wall st.
how unreasonable for me to expect a democrat would not continue bush’s bullshit phony wars against terror.
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.From NYT, response to Krystoff

Mr. Kristoff,

While the situation in Darfur is reprehensible, don’t you think President Obama has a great deal more to worry about closer to home?

yeah, but does he worry?

Posted Image

.From a thread on the MrBill of Presidents, comes this admonition

25. What are you or the auther (sic) doing to get more progressives in congress?

A serious contender to the title along with the reason “Mr Bill” thread was locked

The empressof all

It is the consensus of the moderators that this link does not offer constructive criticism of the President. We are locking it as it is not helpful to our community.

A similar thread in editorials section was overlooked

Someone is feeling under siege:


This was locked yesterday as well.

Constructive criticism of Democrats or the Democratic Party is permitted. When doing so, please keep in mind that most of our members come to this website in order to get a break from the constant attacks in the media against our candidates and our values. Highly inflammatory or divisive attacks that echo the tone or substance of our political opponents are not welcome here.

DU Moderator

.The week is young though.

In a thread with the Palin boogie man. someone replies

I was hoping by 2010 that we’d have a better message to run on than “We’re not them!”.

in a discussion about Hillary being more popular than Oprecious

2. How can that be possible?

He is a Nobel Peace Prize winning chess playing Political genius??

Hell, just last week he put those pesky unions in their place!

Not all shopping is the same. jr.jr “go shopping better than W’s

44. It was, but it was a vaccuous shopping, a shopping the vaccuous women in his family might do.
Here we are asked to rise to support the people who are harmed in their livelyhood.

The shopping after 9/11 was not in the living rooms and kitchens of the families of the dead.

From a discussion about B0 saying sea food was safe.

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Response to Original message

115. He also told us Oil Rigs were safe!

In a thread about LA people saying B0 was slower than W on Katrina, one B0bot becomes exasperated with the damn LA-ers – his sig line making the irony only more blatant

. I’m talking about people like the “salty old guy” referenced in the OP.

What do people like him want?

Fuck BP, and those who enable them!
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after a lot of chortling at the just deserts conservatives of LA got, someone slaps some bait on top

thatsracistgm7.gif picture by Robbedvoter

– because why on earth (or ocean) would people in the Gulf not support Oprecious?

Dream on…as long as he is a black man

the good ol boys aren’t gonna support him.

Let him and govt just do what is right. We aren’t getting the conservative white vote in the deep south for decades.

It’s been a tough judgment which one to pick.

I decided to go with the one most emblematic for the supporters of a man who worked on news management while knowing what was going on in the Gulf, a man who gave BP deal 20 minutes, but his adoring pundits gone off the plantation an hour

So, the B0bot comments of the week, for figuring out who really is responsible for the Gulf tragedy – or at least should be held accountable…

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The DUdie goes to Cleo the Leo for identifying both the real enemy and the way it should be disposed of:

In a thread about assigning blame to other (media, GOP) – from the title, the GOP was left out of what Obama was saying

POTUS: “… the media specifically is demanding things that the public aren’t demanding

.Bobots are happy to see big bad media pay

4. I think he’s figured out who’s a** to kick.

He should take the press into receivership.

Clio the Leo Donating Member (1000+ posts)
15. lol ….. he should FIRE the press! …. replace them all with the Coast Guard

Because it’s not like the Coast Guard has anything more important to do.


This is a late entry that ties the coastguard as media: Bluestateguy – congratulations!

I especially like how your signature line dramatizes how you turned into your your enemy

15. Thanking God that this man is the president

Any American who disagrees gives aid and comfort to the enemy, to BP and Al Qaeda.
Bluestateguy signature:
Because he’s the president, and it’s patriotic to stand with the president in a time of war (do I really need a sarcasm icon? I want to throw this kind of talk back in their face after 8 years)
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Some catharsis over the empty congressional proceedings

some interesting headlines

and a very good image telling us what BP feels

what they say


and what they did (in case some forget)

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they live from day to day in Fla

but nowhere did I find this headline

Why did the Obama administration just approve more than 400 new leases for oil companies to operate in the Gulf of Mexico?

I guess it’s not for small people to know.

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