Not finding much in the speech itself, tabloids try hard to tell you what they think it was:

OBAMA’s GULF WAR: Take this, you little tar ball!

and take that! from an office, in a slanted teevee (right to another losing war)

or at least  show me the money

That was pretty much the headline in every LA paper

In Florida, they tell us those bogus predictions (and I am desperate enough to hope they come true)

or they describe teh speech as the opposite of what it was – maybe the reason for those quotation marks in the headline

and again, an exercise in opposites “as seen on teevee”

Some out there promises in Florida

But in MI, after he left, no mention of promises or speech

in New York, NY Post mixed the Obama show on the cover with Gore’s affair

while AM-NY gave Gore the whole cover and made it funnier (sorry, old hypocrisy makes me laugh now)

Newsday is the only paper in the country that finds a bright spot in the disaster: an 11 years old leader where we lack a grown up one