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Milbank is flogging his CDS in this twisted column

Washington Sketch: Clinton finally ahead of Obama in popularity

.Now, everyone knows Hillary got more votes in the primary than Obama , so this “finally” only applies to the villagers, and there’s a lot of obfuscation about it

Here’s how Millbank starts it

It’s about two years too late, but Hillary Clinton has finally pulled ahead of Barack Obama.

Most of the article is laced with the usual “easy for her to” excuses we’ve seen since the primaries.

Although Millbank does shoot himself in the foot with one finding that he doesn’t pursue to its logical conclusion

Previous secretaries of state Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice were both more popular than their boss, President George W. Bush. But such a trend is not universal: Warren Christopher didn’t have ratings as high as his boss, President Bill Clinton.

Hmmm, can you see the hidden pattern here, kids? The little flaw in the media narrative on both Clintons? Could it be they were ALWAYS more popular not just  than Warren Cristopher, but W, jr.jr and others Milbank &friends tried to elevate above them? Truth is a daughter of time and it seems to be coming to surface from the gusher of snark.

Millbank concludes waving his CDS up high

Few could have imagined back in that prior life that the controversial and polarizing first lady would someday win the favor of two-thirds of her countrymen.

Yet, with all those fits of pique and venom, the article went big (and surprising) in B0botland

PUMA and PUMA 2.0 seem to be joining up:

The apologists’s huffing is rudely interrupted

. How can that be possible?

He is a Nobel Peace Prize winning chess playing Political genius??

Hell, just last week he put those pesky unions in their place!

and it gets better:

7. I am hoping she challenges him in 2012..She definitely

will have my vote..I supported Obama but I think we have been fooled…Its like having a Bush third term..

So much so that an apologist asks an obvious question

LOL. Fighting all sides. Sheesh.

Where were these people during the primaries???

and gets n obvious answer

44. I think they got run off for being PUMAS.

Only a few survived. But they’re back since Obama seems to be regularly attacked on DU

And someone replies to the old “they aren’t that different meme”

58. With one difference

Hillary has a pair

On revisiting, in order to “protect the community” that comment has since been removed.

Someone even evaluates Millbank’s scribbling correctly

0. Milbank’s article is snarky.

Besides, Hillary has been polling better than Obama for months. These media types, including Milbank, trashed Hillary endlessly during the primaries and now they see the light? A pox on all their houses.

although a fer take comfort in th snark.

and more Hillary supporters dare to show up

18. That’s who I voted for!

A better read than Millbank’s little piece of snark .

this and other “huh” statements courtesy of the court jester, MSNBC

Obama: Gulf seafood is safe to eat

In tour of Gulf coast, president strikes optimistic tone

Maybe is Superman after all. A few turns around the sun to return us 3 months ago would do it.

.The actual quote is

He declared, “I am confident that we’re going to be able to leave the Gulf Coast in better shape than it was before.”

It seems he thinks this will be accomplished mostly by eating shrimp and shopping (tourism)

I am also wondering: is he using the royal “we” and referring to this PR trip where he got photographed far from any drop of oil?

Is he including us and some time in that statement? And if so, how is 100,000,000 gallons of oil and going in the water going to better the Gulf?

And if we knew that is so beneficial, why didn’t we do it before?

I do understand the need to encourage people to spend there. It led W to the silly “fly to the fabulous destination spots” after 9.11 and it led Jr.jr to his eat shrimp stunt lovingly documented in B0botland with 3 photos.(Due to the extreme close-up, for your protection, I picked the one without his face)

Looking at those photos I was thinking of Mr Burns being fed a fish with 3 eyes by Marge Simpson.

Mr Burns couldn’t eat it so he lost the election.

Of course,  in the discussion, some remembered the safe air at ground zero after 9.11, and some even noticed that the testing took place in Mississipi, the state least touched by the spill so far

Maybe he should slip on over to Louisiana

and try their seafood. Then he can tell us how safe it is.

This is heart wrenching beyond belief. It seems we are doomed.

Greed has won out.

Apparently, he couldn’t as they ran out of sea food for some strange reason

Local restaurants are facing a big food shortage of a seafood staple thanks to the Gulf oil spill.

Some got the message and went after their worst enemy, ten times worse than BP:

Carville and Matlin should be the official taste-testers for

the inspection process.
As long as Mary tastes it first, and James eats twice as much as she does.

I have images of Mary dying on Fox News, live.

Yeah. People are reassured.

So, to recap: he can’t suck the oil up with a straw. But we will leave the gulf better than before.

Why do I think the operative words here are

“We will leave the gulf”?

Either way, I will hold Obama up to his promise. For years to come.

meanwhile, here’s a guy that never showed up in your photo ops

Let me see you make HIM better


PeterDaou tweets


The joke writes itself: “BP hires Goldman Sachs”

referring to this

BP has hired investment banks Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs Group and Credit Suisse Group as advisers, a source familiar with the matter said, without identifying the purpose of the advice.

and kudos to Legal Insurection for putting it into perspective

Birds are dying, marshes are being swallowed whole by oil, and communities are crumbling.

And Obama’s presidential address will focus on an escrow fund for liability claims?

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