The Daily News gets the cover of the day for blundering into propaganda without seeing the context

PREZ PAIN it’s funny when you know more about his 4 hours of golfing afterward (maybe he should have played in the WH’s bowling alley instead of golf outside with the press in tow so we wouldn’t all see his pain)

As for actual pain, Pensacola is next in line to get the oil-kill

.and after months of wild guesses BP finally deploys sensors – but can we believe their readings?

more view from Florida

In Mississipi, the Governor may be in denial, but some pf their papers aren’t

A surprisingly graphic cover from Nevada

and those explosion photos BP scubbed from the internet, seem to finally come out

New York Times carries explosive breaking news: we finally found a good reason to keep up the war in Afghanistan

.that war, that only Stars and Stripes is covering

.in NY, the state budget stalemate

s making news

and finally, the ground zero mosque controversy