It was Gatewaw Pundit who put these two pieces of news together

,From the 9.11 interview

“In the same way that our view of our vulnerabilities and our foreign policy was shaped profoundly by 9/11,” the president said in an Oval Office interview on Friday,


“One of the biggest leadership challenges for me going forward is going to be to make sure that we draw the right lessons from this disaster,” he said.

And apparently, his lesson was “Party like a CEO” because then the Hill reported admiringly

Obama golfs for four hours in sweltering heat

.Pretty much just that.

President Barack Obama spent four hours on the golf course Sunday in temperatures that peaked in the low 90s.

The White House pool reported that they left Andrews Air Force Base as it started to rain after 4 p.m

Now watch this drive!

NY Daily News just made this funnier with their headline (must’ve been really hot on the golf field)


h/t BB at The Confluence: The Daily News also gives reactions of some 9.11 survivors to the simile

Obama says BP oil spill impact ‘echoes’ 9/11; relative of WTC victim calls President ‘off-base’

I for one think he was right to compare magnitudes – I predict the oil-kill-s impact to way be more lasting.
I also like one of the comments in the article
“Just like on 9/11, there were no plans for emergency preparedness, coordination of response,” she said. “It’s a failure of the system and the government. I’m not offended by the comment.”