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.and just to mess with your heads, I’ll add a quote from Jonah Goldberg (Lucienne’s son) – because it makes sense (broken watch rule) and demonstrates all political stripes agree on this

It’s like a Tonight Show joke.

Leno: “The president is so dorky . . . ”

Audience: “How dorky is he?”

“He’s so dorky, when he gets angry he convenes a panel of experts to tell him whose ass to kick.”

and for whiplash, I’ll zoom left again to David Michael Green who is now banned from Bobotland

Trying to look tough, like Dukakis did haplessly riding around on that tank in the picture that spoke a million words (and sank a presidential campaign), Obama decided to use a four-letter word to show how serious he is about those mean fellows at BP and their errant flow of oil.  Except that this president is so inept that he could only manage three of the requisite four letters. He told NBC’s Matt Lauer that he has been visiting the oil spill region “so I know whose ass to kick”.  I mean, raise your hand if you think that that little display of anger for the cameras was about as authentic as Cheese Whiz.