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Gone are the days when she was dreaming about her Darcy. Now, all we need to do is reconcile the past with the present . A little bit of Newspeak will do it nicely.

In her latest delusional rant, MoDo  is revising what she imagines it to have been a “working press”

The press traveling with Obama on the campaign never had a lovey-dovey relationship with him. He treated us with aloof correctness, and occasional spurts of irritation. Like many Democrats, he thinks the press is supposed to be on his side.

Oh, noes! Darcy? Yes, Darcy:

Sometimes on the campaign plane, I would watch Obama venture back to make small talk with the press, discussing food at an event or something light. Then I would see him literally back away a few moments later as a blast of questions and flipcams hit him.

Is that why you threw him an inauguration party? Even The White House mouthpiece has a mouth on him now

Now that Obama has been hit with negative press, he’s even more contemptuous. “He’s never needed to woo the press,” says the NBC White House reporter Chuck Todd. “He’s never really needed us.”

I am not going to even touch her new “Biden is the nice one – he threw us a beach party” meme. Jon Stewart did a better job on rushing  that sorority

But I need to laugh at her dim recollection of the truth and the way she dismisses it

it was Obama who was hailed as the charming new JFK, the mesmerizing leader who beguiled an infatuated press, as the “Saturday Night Live” skit went, to plump his pillows.But that skit was more of a caricature of some ideological cable guys and besotted columnists — including some conservatives — than a realistic portrayal of his relationship with the “working” press.

Bobots are cluelessly discussing this too

Maureen Dowd’s new Obama-bashing piece:

.and there’s one “we told you so” comment that I needed to bring here:

back when she was trashing Clinton and praising Obama some of us tried to tell you

she was a crackpot who couldn’t be trusted. We were called racist crackpots for our trouble. All I can say now is I told you so.

Indeed we did..


MoDo’s bitter recollections from the plane remind me of this headline that made me very happy at the time

Bravo McCain! MoDo banned from his plane!


As the East Coast media totally ignores it, and AP offers this headline

Obama tells Britain no hard feelings over spill

the spill is creeping towards the panhandle

.Things are getting worse in Alabama too

.with more economic implications

.while in the Mississippi state of denial, oil is getting in the Grand Bay

.and an amber wave from Louisiana with the call to BP to hurry

LA Times covers it too

.Meanwhile, the war rages on in Afghanistan

.even WaPo

.and NYT noticed

.While in NY, some fun with the World Cup. NY Post mixes low expectations humor with a bit of history

.and the Daily news has some fun with it too


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