There’s a lot of truth in this portrait of Obama by David Michael Green,

The Do-Nothing 44th President

but this is the memorable part

The fundamental characteristic of the Obama presidency is that the president is a reactive object, essentially the victim of events and other political forces, rather than the single greatest center of power in the country, and arguably on the planet.  He is the Mr. Bill of politicians.

P.S. For those of you too young to know Mr Bill (you missed SNL when it was good!),

here are his early years

To be clear, I don’t agree with the author on anything – he seems for one to conflate Clinton and W in one evil blob, and a few other views I dislike.

But most of it is right on and this is gold

The only thing more grim than the visage of the pathetic Obama administration in non-action is a consideration of the opportunity lost here.  Obama had all the cards stacked in his favor, ranging from a destroyed opposition party, to a series of crises, to a public demanding change, to massive majorities in Congress, to global good will.  He’s pissed it all away in his unrelenting dedication to mediocrity and inoffensiveness.


By failing to stand for anything while the country crumbles, Obama has virtually begged those who would make the trains run on time to seize power.

And now another paragraph from the article

The story is the same back in the Gulf of Mexico, where Obama recently had his very own Michael Dukakis moment.  Trying to look tough, like Dukakis did haplessly riding around on that tank in the picture that spoke a million words (and sank a presidential campaign), Obama decided to use a four-letter word to show how serious he is about those mean fellows at BP and their errant flow of oil.  Except that this president is so inept that he could only manage three of the requisite four letters. He told NBC’s Matt Lauer that he has been visiting the oil spill region “so I know whose ass to kick”.  I mean, raise your hand if you think that that little display of anger for the cameras was about as authentic as Cheese Whiz.

Mr Bill, oooo, nooooo!

B0bots are discussing it too and the funniest comment is

3. But his senate term was so impressive.

.Nice of you to finally notice. All of you.