Yesterday we were looking at the meme in the media that we, crybabies that we are were expecting too much from the man who ran as Superman

Don’t expect Obama to be Superman

Ya mean, he didn’t mean it?

Today, Not-Superman is going on the offensive, doing what he does best: finding new targets for hatred as shown in  previews from an interview with Politico

As his quest for asses to quit yielded no kickable results (BP  cloaked itself in Union Jack – call them UK now), Obama decided to finally answer the plea of Congress “D’s to attack the “R” rather than Washington. Sorta. The only name uttered in this finger pointing fest is the Tea party

I am prESERVED the original headline

but it now reads

Obama to POLITICO: Some in Congress hypocritical on spill

The edit is significant and may have been requested by Obama. because above all, Obama, party of one, does not want to be perceived as partisan, Gods forbid.
So he does describe the R’s

“Some of the same folks who have been hollering and saying ‘do something’ are the same folks who, just two or three months ago, were suggesting that government needs to stop doing so much,”

I have no qualms with  what he said. It is true, it is hypocritical of “those folks”. But who cares what those folks think? They are not in power.

So, the question remains: why couldn’t “not Superman” – with the majorities he had in Congress do something right about it in spite of those folks? Especially as he promised!

Not-Superman delivers another half truth about the media:

“You know, what I think I get frustrated with sometimes, as do, I suspect, other members of my team, is that the media specifically is demanding things that the public aren’t demanding,” the president said. “What the public wants to see is us solving this problem. And that may not make for good TV.”

First of all, who cares about your frustrations? You wanted the job bad enough to take my vote away from me.

Second, it’s true, the media is been advancing the stupid narrative that we wanted to see emotion – which was Heather talk for the reality of “why doesn’t he give a damn?”

And it’s definitely true that we want to see you solve the problem. For over 50 days and going now.

But since you bring the silly demands from the media, let’s remember you gave into them, indulging Matt Lauer with the gratuitous “ass kicking” rhetoric. It was empty words anyway, but it got the stock market down and the Brits peeved.

And since you bring your frustration with the media, let’s remember you allowed BP to censure the media access to the oil-kill. Remember those scoldings reporters got in the West Wing about asking questions about the spill?

I remember Brian Williams frustration with you

I got a kick out of President Obama saying that even when the cameras go away we’ll still be there for you. That ain’t the way this is going to play out. If anything, the cameras being here have compelled outside interests – government, BP – to kick this into another gear. With all due respect, the President might have had his scenario off by 180 degrees

And how much did you use the media for your phto ops in LA?


Or how about this new revelation about BP destroying evidence which concludes

Until the media is allowed unrestricted access to the Gulf and impacted beaches, BP – not the President of United States – will remain in charge of the Gulf response.

So, sorry, Not-Superman.

Your put-upon airs don’t wash with us. STFU and plug the hole. It’s the job you asked (and stole) for.


The topic was brought in B0botland by main operative under the original headline

Obama to POLITICO: GOP shares the blame for spill

with this highlight as the headline

POTUS: “… the media specifically is demanding things that the public aren’t demanding

.Funniest comment comes from the Op herself

4. I think he’s figured out who’s a** to kick.😉 NT

yeah, cuz, it was the media who did it. Riiight! They seem to all agree on this

. He should take the press into receivership.

Clio the Leo Donating Member (1000+ posts)
15. lol ….. he should FIRE the press! …. replace them all with the Coast Guard

.Gee, I thought the Coast Guard had a job these days. But what do I know? I don’t even play regular chess.