As more is found out about the refusal of the administration to do anything about the oil-kill besides news management, and more people are disappointed, the lower expectation brigade is out in force

Don’t expect Obama to be Superman

.comes the chiding from WaPo. The author thinks all Americans are cry babies for expecting POTUS to do a job beyond reading of TOTUS and news management:

Obama, fairly enough, is reaping what he sowed in assigning himself an impossible mission as a global savior. But Americans are his culpable enablers. Few people want to hear this, but he’s doing the best he can, considering the difficult circumstances that he and the nation face. And what he needs most from the public is a quality that distinguishes adults from children: patience.

Or, put another way: America, grow up!

In this video, James Carville is asked to respond to similar entreaties from CNN’s Fareed Zackaria:

how dare the Gulf people take so much of Obama’s precious time?

You’ll want to hear the reply.

It’s from the likes of the Spectator, amongst UK sponsored memes of “Leave BP alone” that we get the right image in the end

Obama shook his head censoriously as Lauer read Hayward’s comment to him. But doesn’t Obama act like he wants his life back too? He has a put-upon air about him, as if it is outrageous that the presidency should make demands upon him beyond placing ribbons around the necks of rock stars. Obama couldn’t even suppress that air during the Lauer interview. Obama said that he was, long before the pundits noticed the crisis, “standing in the rain” talking to “fishermen” down in the Gulf a month ago.

Can you believe it? Obama had to talk to fishermen while pelted by rain drops. The things he has done for his country and the “planet.”


.In Bobotland, everyone loves the WaPo article

Obama isn’t Superman (about time someone said it)

Well, almost everyone. I seem to detect some PUMA 2.0 there

16. What happened to “Chill, I got this”

New talking point?

First it was: Obama is smarter then us so sit down and shut up cause he knows best.

Now it seems to be: Obama isn’t superman, it takes a long time to change (especially when moving in the opposite direction)so sit down and stop your whining.

I would like to say this to the Obama administration: If you continue to shit all over the grass roots liberals who worked their asses off for you and the other Dems in DC then do not be surprised when we n turn tell you to go fuck yourself when you come around next with your hands out looking for money or volunteers.

This is not a fucking sporting event where its all about your team winning. This is about real issues that effect real lives.


4. Then why did he run as Superman — with all the hope and change bullshit?

Nothing has changed.



The Big Pink discovered the source of the meme – straight from Oprecious

“Even though I am President of the United States my powers are not limitless,” Obama said last Friday at Camardelle’s Live Bait and Boiled Seafood, “So I can’t dive down there and plug the hole. I can’t suck it up with a straw. All I can do is make sure that I put honest, hardworking, smart people in place.”

Bravo! I knew it was started from the center, it spread to fast!