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In the Bobotland meltdown this caught my attention

The context is almost irrelevant – but it’s a discussion about Daniel Ellsberg’s remarks on Obama (He deceives the public) which is peppered with deleted posts and subthreads

4. Apparently lots of what was said about this got deleted, so I will only say,


That took me back to the days of Ceausescu’s Romania – lots of chanting there too.

or more recently, the purgings on the Free Republic of the no longer so faithful….

There’s more fun to be had on that thread though

Oh, and as someone sumarized there

27. The Pentagon Papers author now a “lying a-hole” for dissing Obama!

.It was one of the responses to this impassionate call to arms against Ellsberg

22. why is this guy lying and smearing the president?

I don’t call someone out like this too often but this is patently false. Look at the seimens case where a whistle blower got millions. There are more if anyone one does a search, so whats up with this guy? Look for his connections, follow the money and see that the whistle blower awards are plenty. FCPA prosecution is going after criminal corporations. I think this is pure propaganda and I am seeing so much on DU I am suspicious of this site now! Also, an American was assassinated by our friend and many of these magazine writers have close ties. Sheesh, come on people.

There is a lot going on with the war and countries that have attacked us in multiple ways. No wonder we can’t get anything done with gullible people attacking Obama who is doing so much for us. Call these a-holes out by fact checking.

Damn whistle blowers, getting rich – they ought to be prosecuted. Oh, wait, they are!. Thank you, Obama!

Also on edit, for the mood over there, here is a snapshot of the most popular threads

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I’m sorry, I wanted so damn much to believe, have hope and faith America was changing direction.