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I hope by now everyone read the Rolling Stone piece on the oil-kill.

It appears even some B0bots did

Keep this handy

Brutal Rolling Stone piece on Pres. Obama’s handling of the BP spill

.On the plus side, the subject garnered a net plus of 42 recs (I imagine there were plenty of unrecs)

See where you can place the first response in the Bingo

. Are the employees of Rolling Stone down at the Gulf cleaning up?

I expect not. These people are comfy in their offices drinking coffee while thousands of workers Coast Guard, NOAA etc are trying to stop the oil.

.I expect the poster need not just to read the article, but maybe take a look at this headlines

But, to their credit, some B0bots respond

4. Journalists do their bit by doing journalism.

BTW, you’re posting on a message board right now (as you would call it, “spouting”) and presumably that means that you are not cleaning birds or scooping oily sand off of a beach. I’m not even slightly religious, but Matthew 7:5 applies to your situation so admirably that I must suggest you read it immediately.

The apologist takes the high road, demands sacrifice (“You don’t work hard enough for your rights” on the bingo card):

3. I think we all should do our bit instead of spouting

But not to worry, help arrives using – I think the “Poutrage” slot on the card

5. I think her point, which you obviously missed, is that the people writing the hit pieces…

should perhaps climb down from their perches? She’s not the one “spouting” attacks on the people who are actually working to fix the mess, Rolling Stone is.

and takes several hits

25. “Hit pieces” to tarhelldem: anything, ANYTHING critical of the administration

.Then a more subtle line of defense is deployed (blame BP)

22. Obama’s big mistake..

…was that he believed the oil companies, when they said they had it handled. BP
told Obama (and the rest of the world) that they would fix the leak. We were all
led to believe this.

People are somewhat more comfortable with this but still…

Good post, CoffeeCat…

But the machine might be too big for Obama. Right now we can all see he is not in charge. BP is doing what they want because they have the money.

Oh, that pooor, poor Obama! He so poor! (Cue Bloomberg with a violin)

Some cry for Ken Salazar’s head, when an apologist throws the holly Bible at them: a very long cut and paste from the White House Website

37. The Ongoing Administration-Wide Response to the Deepwater BP Oil Spill – READ THIS !!

The Ongoing Administration-Wide Response to the Deepwater BP Oil Spill
Prepared by the Joint Information Center
UPDATED June 9, 2010 7 PM…

.which pretty much ends the discussion.

How many  Bingo slots did you fill?

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