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It’s the title of a Rolling Stone expose of the events leading to and immediately after the BP oil-kill

By Tim Dickinson.


The inside story of how Obama failed to crack down on the corruption of the Bush years – and let the world’s most dangerous oil company get away with murder

For a synopsis, here’s the video where the executive editor of Rolling Stones introduces the article on MSNBC – you can skip the part where the hosts start spinning

The article is long – 8 pages – but so important, I’ll post some excerpts here -to make sure they get read

page 1

Like the attacks by Al Qaeda, the disaster in the Gulf was preceded by ample warnings – yet the administration had ignored them. Instead of cracking down on MMS, as he had vowed to do even before taking office, Obama left in place many of the top officials who oversaw the agency’s culture of corruption. He permitted it to rubber-stamp dangerous drilling operations by BP – a firm with the worst safety record of any oil company – with virtually no environmental safeguards, using industry-friendly regulations drafted during the Bush years. He calibrated his response to the Gulf spill based on flawed and misleading estimates from BP – and then deployed his top aides to lowball the flow rate at a laughable 5,000 barrels a day, long after the best science made clear this catastrophe would eclipse the Exxon Valdez.

page 2

It’s tempting to believe that the Gulf spill, like so many disasters inherited by Obama, was the fault of the Texas oilman who preceded him in office. But, though George W. Bush paved the way for the catastrophe, it was Obama who gave BP the green light to drill. “Bush owns eight years of the mess,” says Rep. Darrell Issa, a Republican from California. “But after more than a year on the job, Salazar owns it too.”

page 3

The tale of the Deepwater Horizon disaster is, at its core, the tale of two blowout preventers: one mechanical, one regulatory. The regulatory blowout preventer failed long before BP ever started to drill – precisely because Salazar kept in place the crooked environmental guidelines the Bush administration implemented to favor the oil industry.

page 4

“People are being really circumspect, not pointing the finger at Salazar and Obama,” says Rep. Raul Grijalva, who oversees the Interior Department as chair of the House subcommittee on public lands. “But the troublesome point is, the administration knew that it had this rot in the middle of the process on offshore drilling – yet it empowered an already discredited, disgraced agency to essentially be in charge.”

On April 6th of last year, less than a month after BP submitted its application, MMS gave the oil giant the go-ahead to drill in the Gulf without a comprehensive environmental review. The one-page approval put no restrictions on BP, issuing only a mild suggestion that would prove prescient: “Exercise caution while drilling due to indications of shallow gas.”

page 5

Undeterred, Obama and Salazar appeared together at Andrews Air Force Base on March 31st to introduce the plan. The stagecraft was pure Rove in its technicolor militaristic patriotism. The president’s podium was set up in front of the cockpit of an F-18, flanked by a massive American flag. “We are not here to do what is easy,” Salazar declared. “We are here to do what is right.” He insisted that his reforms at MMS were working: “We are making decisions based on sound information and sound science.” The president, for his part, praised Salazar as “one of the finest secretaries of Interior we’ve ever had” and stressed that his administration had studied the drilling plan for more than a year. “This is not a decision that I’ve made lightly,” he said. Two days later, he issued an even more sweeping assurance. “It turns out, by the way, that oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills,” the president said. “They are technologically very advanced.”

Eighteen days later, on the eve of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, the Deepwater Horizon rig went off like a bomb.

page 6

After he was briefed that evening, Obama told his deputies to contact the Pentagon. The following day, Napolitano declared the BP disaster, which was now approaching the size of Puerto Rico, an “Oil Spill of National Significance” – the designation required to draw on regional resources and to appoint an incident commander to coordinate a federal response. It had taken a full week after Deepwater Horizon exploded for the government to become fully engaged – a critical lapse that allowed the crisis to spiral out of control.

page 7

ut rather than applying such skepticism to BP’s math, the Obama administration has instead attacked scientists who released independent estimates of the spill. When one scientist funded by NOAA released a figure much higher than the government’s estimate, he found himself being pressured to retract it by officials at the agency. “Are you sure you want to keep saying this?” they badgered him. Lubchenco, the head of NOAA, even denounced as “misleading” and “premature” reports that scientists aboard the research vessel Pelican had discovered a massive subsea oil plume. Speaking to PBS, she offered a bizarre denial of the obvious. “It’s clear that there is something at depth,” she said, “but we don’t even know that it’s oil yet.” Scientists were stunned that NOAA, an agency widely respected for its scientific integrity, appeared to have been co-opted by the White House spin machine.

page 8

Unbowed by the catastrophe that was still unfolding on his watch, Salazar heartily agreed, testifying that the president had directed him to “move forward” on offshore drilling.That may help explain why the administration has gone to unusual lengths to contain the spill’s political fallout. On May 14th, two days after the first video of the gusher was released, the government allowed BP to apply a toxic dispersant that is banned in England at the source of the leak – an unprecedented practice in the deep ocean. “The effort should be in recovering the oil, not making it more difficult to recover by dispersing it,” says Sylvia Earle, a famed oceanographer and former NOAA chief scientist who helped the agency confront the world’s worst-ever oil spill in the Persian Gulf after the first Iraq War. The chemical assault appeared geared, she says, “to improving the appearance of the problem rather than solving the problem.”

It’s an absolute must read. And the reason I found that tabloid cover very fishy


A good comment on this, if from the right

Rolling Stone: Deepwater blew and Obama knew

“It’s as if they won the election and decided mainly to rest on their laurel. It speaks to a profound disinterest in doing the jobs for which they got elected, and a complete lack of leadership from the beginning of the spil”

It’s not like Obama ever did this before. Right? Right?

I just saw this NY Daily News cover. I was happy at first: finally some activism.

Then I wondered when was the last time our protests made page one.

Then I remembered this is B0’s cheerleader paper and Obama is talking “ass kicking.

So, it’s OK to be angry at BP as long as you leave the lack of responsibility in the government alone.

I am the last person to want BP to be let off the hook. But I see manipulation when it’s plain too.

After all we know that “news management” was the focus of White House for over a month since they knew of the magnitude of the leak.

No cover of the day today. But an interesting point: LA Times talks about the “WEALTHY BUSINES WOMEN” GOP chose

just as in NY, Metro uncovers sexism in financing women’s businesses: women’s start-ups received 9% of investments

.so, no complaints that GOP promotes women. What’s holding the “D”s? Or who?

In Alabama’s governor’s race a recount is demanded

.Clinton supporter Lincoln wins

.and Haley in SC

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In Chicago, oily events in court: opening statements in Blago’s trial (no connection to Obama)

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.and another riddle

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while in the Gulf, the cap didn’t stop the gusher

.Remember when Obama said in March accidents never happen in off shore drilling?

He knew better, even if Miamy Herald calls him “US” here

.The usual national papers – mostly write about Lincoln (Bill’s endorsement worth more than B0’s?

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and Moonie

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and Obama Times

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