The villagers are happy their suggestion was followed

Is President Obama bowing to criticism that he hasn’t shown enough emotion and outrage about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill? In an interview with the Today Show’s Matt Lauer this morning, the president offered his most candid response yet  about the disaster, bluntly telling Lauer he’s been talking to experts about “whose ass to kick”  when it comes to responsibility for the mess.

But how absurd is it for the media to suggest ways to spin a story?

Beyond the irony of journalists urging more spin from a politician, the really remarkable fact is that none dare consider the possibility that Obama is simply not up to the job.

This new PR move is as pathetic as it’s hilarious. Was it inspired by W turning 9.11 into a personal triumph? I believe the timing helped in that vile  PR move too. But now, My Pet Goat is still ongoing.

So, it’s a thriller now. Who done it?

I remember Joan Rivers offering OJ Simpson a mirror to help with HIS search.

.One comment on line said: Look behind, they’re hiding behind you

And if this fails, there’s always the happy face tactic

Gulf Coast will ‘bounce back’ from oil spill, says Barack Obama

.Just follow that bouncing ocean and sing along!

and meanwhile, for Louisiana’s sake, let’s drill again

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Obama: Drilling ban will hurt Louisiana economy

and you don’t hate Louisiana, do you? Besides, drilling accidents never happened. We know so because Obama told us. Psst, don’t look now, but there’s a second gusher in the Gulf

Maybe Obana should adopt Mr Fish’s suggestion for PR: the Cone of Silence