In an article where The Guardian tries to put a rosy picture on the British oil-kill, they are at their best when mocking Obama

In his weekly address, filmed in the small Louisiana village of Caminada Bay, Barack Obama sought to display empathy with Americans as he continues to face criticism that the White House has not been engaged enough with the catastrophe.

That quest was further highlighted

Against a backdrop of a fishing boat and a gentle breeze, he singled out individuals suffering from the effects of the spill: Floyd Lasseigne, whose oyster bed had been destroyed, and Terry Vegas, a shrimper.The US president went on to catalogue in emotive language the impact of the spill on hotels and shops, deprived of income as tourists stay away for fear of soiled beaches. “These folks work hard. They meet their responsibilities. But now because of a man-made catastrophe – one that’s not their fault and that’s beyond their control – their lives have been thrown into turmoil,” he said. “It’s brutally unfair. It’s wrong.”

I don’t know about the fishermen, but Obama liked it. he really, really liked it. he liked it so much, he decided to do another “change you can xerox”. After all, it was not Deval Patrick’s words (copyright Axelrod) he was going to use. It was his own, copyright TOTUS.

So, imagine my surprise reading on Facebook posted by AnnieNYC Obama’s letter to democrats. Some excerpts:

Folks like Floyd Lasseigne, a fourth-generation oyster fisherman. This is the time of year when he ordinarily earns a lot of his income. But his oyster bed has likely been destroyed by the spill.

Terry Vegas had a similar story. He quit the 8th grade to become a shrimper with his grandfather.

Then comes the “working hard” part and the chest beating

These people work hard. They meet their responsibilities. But now because of a manmade(sic) catastrophe — one that is not their fault and beyond their control — their lives have been thrown into turmoil. It is brutally unfair. And what I told these men and women is that I will stand with the people of the Gulf Coast until they are again made whole.

That is why, from the beginning, we have worked to deploy every tool at our disposal to respond to this crisis.

Yup. A regular empath this one.

He displayed empathy so nice, it needed to be publicized twice.

Reminds me of people who think of something funny and plan to use it at the next party.

Only this is not funny at all.

The oil-kill has yet to be declared a national emergency.

And how about implementing this Robert Reich idea if you care so much?

Put Jobless Young People to Work Cleaning Up BP’s Mess and Order BP to Pay

.Nope. Off to the theater with you instead!

No wonder