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Yet more things wrong with the LA speech, photo op as seen from LA’s Dak

Do you get the feeling some one is a little out of touch with Reality? The speech excerpts are from Obama's Weekly Address. Photos are from me taken on the ground at Grand Isle and Caminada Bay in Grand Isle, Louisiana during the Presidential visit! Some of these things are not like the other! "I’m speaking to you from Caminada Bay in Grand Isle, Louisiana, one of the first places to feel the devastation wrought by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. While I was here, at Camerdelle’s Live Bait shop, I met with a gr … Read More

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Oprecious’ news management gently moved the oil-link end from “any day now” to “August” and now to fall without any panic or revolt from the commoners. Extending it to Christmas will be piece of pie!

.In Alabama, they don’t know how to handle the clean-up. One newspaper complains it’s too slow

.another reveals helpers are sent home

.The Tennesean informs us of yet another way corruption may make things worse for us

.In NY, the big story is the wanna be terrorist caught trying to leave

.The Daily News gets him a profile – complete with mock anti-war slogan

.while NY Post gets its cute biblical headline

.WaPo concluded its spill coverage

.Washington Times is more fascinated by a hurricane in Ohio

.Obama Times

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USA Today

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