The subtitle makes this the cover of the day: CORPSES OF PELICANS, DOLPHINS WASH ALONG THE COAST

But Miami Herald tells us that BP executives will see no jail

But in most high-profile environmental cases, criminal charges are brought mainly against the companies involved, while corporate executives typically escape punishment.

Meanwhile Alabama is bracing

While Florida shows us their oil turd

In fact, literally steps in it

While in LA they manage to simultaneously decry the spill and the drilling moratorium

On edit – Charlie Rangel actually slams Obama for continuing the Cheney wars

.as pathetic as this California cartoon re: local primaries, elections

WaPo continues its oil kill coverage

while Obama Times found a way to post a photo with blue waters and no dead birds: go back to the explosion time (Wall Street, AP did that reporting weeks ago)

See the color of the ocean when they started?