The cover of the day, for it’s headline goes to Bradenton Herald: as the oil reaches Florida, THE GULF IS PLEEDING

.And for the sake of irony I will juxtapose it with a headline on Obama’s visit to LA. No more outdoors pics this time – wha? No clean beach?

and check the funny reason he found to criticize BP (from one PR expert to another)

.Obama better get ready to visit more states as Alabama is also bracing for the spill’s “progress”

.Back to Florida, they must be angry because the oily pelican pics finally made it on their page ones

.Another measure of the oil-kill “progress” from Florida

.And since it’s news dump day, Obama Times finalli deigned to print the more benign oily pelican picture, a day behind everyone else, plus the con job on jobs being exposed

.WaPo continues its reporting on oil-kill and gives the con job on jobs its rightful space on the page

This is main news on Wall Street

.Stars and Streipes has a headline under karzai photo that would fit jr.jr to a t

.Going out I saw the only relevany NY Paper – which has been excluded from Newseum today.

Kudos to NY Post – many New Yorkers have families in Florida