To my surprise, this bit of information is being discussed by the B0bots

Obama Knew the Spill Was Hopeless

.It’s the original title of the Wolffe article – and quite ironic it is for Mr Hope and Change

There’s a lot of rationalization in the discussion, but some get the point

5. “Instead, Obama’s team is focusing on…methods of news management”

I hope that doesn’t mean what I think it means.

Surely it doesn’t, does it?

Thankfully there are those that find a way to make even this sound  benign

39.  I think it means…

breaking it to us slowly, not to show how bad it is but to ease us into the awfulness of it all that I don’t think even most of us here fully realise yet.

so on the surface that phrase sounds more PR and save your butt, but really means whats the point of panicing (sic) everyone now, there’s time for that, nothing much can be done anyway but hope BP can fix it. What a horrible mess to be in.

This reminds me of a NY Post article that tried to say that W kept reading My Pet Goat so as to not scare the kids.

Some bring up the race card

So did I. And I still do.
The black president must be a jack of all trades, and a dancing jigaboo that effects emotions on command.

Unfortunately, I still remember the press asking W to emote after 9.11(blame Clinton for that) W complied, went on the teevee and pretended to cry – it was a Stan Laurel-like face, but he tried.

And in spite some coming up with some concrete actions that could have been taken, the apologists insist


Taking charge does absolutely nothing to curb the horror. nothing.


Neither do your ideas.

to the point that they draw this retort

so you discard the very principles of self-government

This is so odd – Democrats (!!) arguing against government with all of the ferocity that conservatives do.

The government can do nothing. The government should do nothing. (Other than being some sort of “partner” with corporations.)

You are discarding the very principles of self-government, you are arguing against the very reason we have government in the first place, you are arguing against everything and anything even vaguely left wing about the role and purpose of government.

And yet, apologists had still not riched the bottom of the barrel

He saw the mess for what it is, a hopeless situation

Thank gods that McCain is not in the White House. BP would never pay a dime.

and then surpass it again

62. Americans want their pacifier NOW!

Annoying how people who’ve become used to our ability to solve problems immediately can’t comprehend an issue beyond our technical capabilities.

This massive oil flow is beyond our technical capabilities. Period. Get used to it.

Big babies that we are! Bow to the hugeness of the problem and thank Obama for breaking it to us gently so our baby brains don’t explode from that much multi-dimensional chess.

Me? I still remember that big headline in the NY Post:

May16_NYPostBushKnew.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

It became my handle in forums for a long time. I feel the same about this revelation.