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So, they decided to focus their efforts on PR and now accuses BP of doing the same

“What I don’t want to hear is when they’re spending that kind of money on their shareholders and spending that kind of money on TV advertising that they’re nickeling and diming fishermen or small businesses here in the Gulf who are having a hard time,”

And once again, what they did BEFORE that briefing was

Two days after the explosion on the rig—when a mobilization to stop the looming spill should already have been underway and with the fate of the 11 dead workers still unknown—the White House could not hide its indifference. When a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs if Obama had yet “reached out to anyone in Louisiana over the oil rig explosion.” Gibbs responded, “Let me check on that. I don’t believe so.”

The second response, worked out over the next week, was to seize on the event to reiterate Obama’s call for a vast expansion of deep sea oil drilling. Several days after the blast, Gibbs declared, “I don’t honestly think [the disaster] opens up a whole new series of questions, because, you know, in all honesty I doubt this is the first accident that has happened and I doubt it will be the last.” At this time both the Obama administration and BP were insisting that the spill was relatively small.

Oil Spill Coverup: What the President Knew and When He Knew It Good Morning, Conflucians!! I shut down my computer early last night and watched the Dateline story on the Gulf, followed by Anderson Cooper. When I logged onto TC this morning, I read Dakinikat’s heartbreaking report from the Gulf and then started surfing around to find the latest news. Right away I found an article that shook me to my core. … Read More

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In honor of Obama being shocked that BP is spending money on PR:

I imagine this was done before the little unpleasantness, maybe  about the time when the BP’s CEO was selling his shares

I found this BP ad aimed at your little ones so you can hear in your car: Let’s stop at BP, the others are an as.  Note the kids are driving, so, not responsible for consequences

No kids here, but  here’s what you tube terms “the old” BP add, bragging about the research efforts and ironically featuring a scuba diver (say good bye to that job, brave diver!)

Back to the kids though – this cartoon seems to make the oil molecules into little friendly people armed with…mops? “OIL CLEANS” seems to be the subliminal message. Tell it to the birds.

Now, it seems those driving kids were such a hit, they did an “outtakes” version of the first add – where the humor comes, I guess from the fact that – little kids are not too good at driving

Endearing incompetence? Oh, Bp, you’re killing us! You really are.

And since BP couldn’t have done such a great job without their good partners – our government, here’s also  a rerun of some MMS propaganda for kids

Stacey Visits an Offshore Oil Rig

Stacey’s going out into the Gulf of Mexico on a boat. Her Dad works on an oil rig. He looks for oil buried deep in the rocks under the water

“What happens when you find oil, Dad?” asks Stacey.

“We pump it out of the rock into a pipe. Then an oil tanker takes it to a refinery on shore.”

“Doesn’t any of the oil leak into the water?”

“We’re very careful, Stacey. We know that oil can pollute the water and hurt the fish and plants. We do everything we can to keep any oil from leaking into the water. Let me show you what I do.

Stacey smiles. “I’m glad you take care of the water, Dad. You know how important that is to me.”

Hey, I know! maybe I should bring Stacey and the BP kids to help my daughter go to sleep when she worries about the ocean. Unlike Stacey, she doesn’t want to be a “blow-out specialist”

She wanted to be a marine biologist. Stacey’s dad however may have just made that dream obsolete. Like those other things

h/t PumaPac, photo by Dakinkat

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