They finally made it on page one on none other that Rahm Post: time to appear concerned

.The happier looking pelican is in Atlanta Journal Constitution

And Miami herald

.and Louisiana’s Advocate – my question: where d the rescued birds go?

.While the Obama times chooses to go with the spill cam and the false expectations of the relief wells

.This day reminds me of an article early on in the oil kill, looking at the oil-kill this from a PR perspective saying: “wait until pictures of cute birds and animals covered in oil show up”

Obama surely did.

Before the pictures, Paul MaCartney concerts (with “reflective songs”) were OK. After this, the Indonesia trip had to be canceled.

With that, the most successful BP operation – keep media away – concluded – in failure.

Another oily PR nightmare – easier to conceal from people – plays only in Chicago: Blago’s trial