The cover of the day takes the cake in irony: REMEMBER BUSH” says Obama. Only every day since you are POTUS, Jr.jr

And in Pennsylvania where those ironical words were uttered, there’s barely any coverage of his visit and none too flattering

.And while Obama defends his policies, Rham Post defends Obama: he urges action on climate – they blare

.Of course, it takes Miami herald to tell you – in a small headline that NEW WELL OK-ED OFF LOUISIANA

.USA Today has a comprehensive cover story on the oi-kill

.Atlanta Journal Constitution informs us of the latest BP fail

.One of the many reasons I remember Bush, Jr.jr is a cover like this one

.Stars and Stripes also makes me remember Bush

Chicago Tribune has another headline that makes me remember Bush


.In New York stories seem to center on the MTA

Newsday on the salaries – oh, and loser Lazio for Governor

.AM-NY on the breakdowns

.and Metro has some good news on teachers jobs