Since somehow everyone seems to agree that all the BP Horizon problems were created by the depth (and therefore it’s the fault of the environmentalists), Obama’s crew went ahead

Feds Approve New Gulf Oil Well off La


Federal regulators have approved the first new Gulf of Mexico oil well since President Barack Obama lifted a brief ban on drilling in shallow water.

The Minerals Management Service on Wednesday granted a drilling permit sought by Bandon Oil and Gas for a site about 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana.

Soon they may not need drilling at all, just  suck up the ocean, remove salt and dead animals and voila!

Not that the deep exploration will stop either, in fact we also have this headline

Obama signals no end to deep-sea oil drilling

.The US will resume issuing new permits for deep-sea oil drilling after a six-month moratorium expires, President Obama signaled at a White House press event Tuesday.

He did so by declaring

“Only then can we be assured that deepwater drilling can take place safely,” Obama said. “Only then we can we accept further development of these resources…. Only then can we be confident that we’ve done what’s necessary to prevent history from repeating itself.”

Beyond that, as Paul Cartney makes this headline

Lay Off “Great Guy” Obama

I dunno, Paul. The inhabitants of planet Earth started having some doubts.Yeah, But you are almost as appropriate as Woody Allen here who demanded that Obama be made a dictator (Bananas, anyone?)

New “Worst case scenario” puts the stopping of the oil-kill by …Cristmas

That would make Jon Stewart 8 Month prediction just about right