The oil-kill photo-op on BP spruced up beaches didn’t get great headlines either. See Ny Daily News, which has the news nestled under some stripper story

.The article starts

Irate Gulf residents had one simple message to President Obama: either get to work or get lost.

Reminds me of yesterday’s cover of the day. Anyway, for all the trashing Carville got from the B0bots, seems the Daily News headline writers heard him too.

By en large, the topic is off page one today. But where it still is, Obama’s pic is just sitting there next to disaster talk

Such as Miami Herald

,or the more trivial coverage in Bradenton herald

,He is mentioned in LA. Daily Advertiser does it right under the 1000 deadth in Afghanistan landmark

,but the Advocate has more important things to headline

,Wall Street celebrates yet another landmark

While WaPo wants to relive the good old days of Clinton bashing


How could I miss this?