Updated cover of the day

No, Obama didn’t get the headlines he hoped for with his once a year press conference!

I had trouble today picking the cover of the day. Would it be The Express with “HIS MESS?.or NY Post: “Even Ovama’s daughter wants an answer

or the surprise hit from the cheerleader Daily News striving to keep up with the Post

.Although the worst headline of all comes from Rahm post surprisingly


.as oil-kill finally gets on most page ones. The Miami Herald writes of a karmic turn:

the currents may take the oil to Texas after all

.and sure enough there’s some coverage there now too

.In LA they hang on to the hope (so do I)

.Wall Street Journal continues the exposee on how the rig explosion came about

.And to top it all, USA Today, reminds us about our oldest war in history

.Updating with a few more covers. From Florida

.From Alabama

.From Minnesotta