As the nation holds its collective breath for the stopping of the oil-kill, USA Today gets cover of the day for correctly assessing its political implications  under the headline “IS OIL SPILL BECOMING OBAMA’S KATRINA?” Funny how that word “spill is still used

Stills of the live cameras that keep the nation mesmerized on the internet have made their appearance on page ones, most prominently  on WSJ to illustrate their article on the causes of the explosion

.The oil kill coverage is gone from page ones of LA Times and Boston Globe but it’s featured – for the first time in Moonie Times – in the context of Barbara Boxer’s expensive fundraiser

.In LA, where they are suffering, they are losing patience

.as they assesss the damage, holding their breath for “top kill”

.Miami hera;d writes about BP’s judge shopping

.while unaffected Florida areas feel the domino effect

.In DC, the Examiner warns about stealth taxes

.while in NYC there’s Coney Island fun