Screencap from yesterday interview demonstrating how hard presidentin’ really is.

This interview was given yesterday, oil-kill day 36

yeah, we know about fundraisers and trips to Chicago and skipping Memorial Day

but this is a new level of entitlement. Notice in the caption text – he doesn’t say “I don’t get to play lately” – just not quite that often.

You dirty, dirty spill! messing with Oprecious’s game!

The video is here

You will enjoy the opening sequence with the ball with the presidential seal on it and Oprecious name on it.

But it was that particular line

these days I play once about two or three weeks

that made an impression on me – why with the 38 days since an ecological disaster is unfolding.

Reminds me of W cutting on sweets as his war effort. But in light of his renewed – today – pledge of not resting till the oil-kill is stopped, this interview taken yesterday a way even more arrogant and clueless.