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“You didn’t get mad when”… The mirror version.

.Its author has the original version, addressed to the Tea Party-ers about their failing to get mad about W’s abuses. It went viral. The author doesn’t expect this one to be as successful – but I think it should be.

I will do my part by reproducing its body with a commentary at the end

We didn’t get mad when DADT wasn’t repealed.

We didn’t get mad when full equal rights for our GLBT brothers and sisters were again put on the back burner.

We didn’t get mad when Guantanamo wasn’t closed.

We didn’t get mad when the war in Afghanistan was stepped up.

We didn’t get mad when the Patriot act was renewed.

We didn’t get mad when a crappy HCR bill was shoved down our throats.

We didn’t get mad when, in one of the brashest violations of Freedom and the Constitution, the Obama administration legalized the assassination of a US citizen without a trial or the right to face his accusers. American Death Squads. Woo Hoo!

We didn’t get mad when the Obama Administration announced increases in funding for more Nuclear Power.

We didn’t get mad when the Obama administration announced increases in offshore drilling. (yeah that one worked out well didn’t it)

We didn’t get mad when the Obama administration announced the deadline for troop pullouts in Iraq was going to be missed.

Today the Obama administration announced that because things are going so well, because we have so much spare time and money, we are going to start putting troops at the border to stem the illegal flow of housekeepers and gardeners into America.

So ya pissed off yet?

The author writes about hesitating to post this for some time because

I have spoken out on each of the issues I listed here. And many more that I didn’t bother to address in this thread. And for my trouble I have been labeled a “racist”, a “hater”, a “whiner”, a person who “didn’t get their pony”, a Sarah Palin enabler, and many other wonderful things

Yeah, I am painfully familiar with those wonderful things. They were addressed to me and others when I spoke about the very same principles. Very likely the author of this was throwing some of those stones then, or at the very least sitting quietly.

So here’s a few more “we didn’t get mad” from where I sit:

You didn’t get mad when the primary election was rigged by a healthcare CEO who later was instrumental in pushing the crappy HCR referred above

You didn’t get mad when the will of hundreds of thousands of voters from Michigan was subverted by transferring delegates from one candidate to another

You didn’t get mad when Democratic voters from entire states were called racist by the media (or ourselves) for choosing another candidate

You didn’t get mad when misogyny was used by our candidate and his media to rile up support

I’ll stop here, because I don’t have all night. Just need to remind this awakened B0bot that his compromising started way earlier that he thinks.

I also have some qualms with the final statement

I have been told that it will be MY FAULT when the Republicans take back control of the government.

If the government falls back into the hands of the Republicans, it will not be my fault, or the fault of liberals who didn’t support the Obama administration. It will be the fault of the Obama administration for not supporting the Liberals who made this all possible for them.

It’s only partially true. It’s also the fault of the B0bots who bought  the propaganda wholesale and supported the Wall Street/oil/pharma candidate over a democrat thereby damaging the party for generations. Obama was never going to support the Liberals, or else all the money, media adulation would not have been there for him.

That being said, the body of the “We didn’t get mad” (in blue) is a keeper.

Of course, I reserve the right to use “They didn’t get mad”.

Because I did.