EXTRA! EXTRA! Obama’s home district house seat goes to GOP! First time in 20 years!

The most startling headline today comes from Oakland tribune. We didn’t even stop the gusher and we rationalize throwing our hands up. I wonder if those scientists are on BP’s payroll too.

Miami Herald has an important piece of investigative journalism again – seems ‘the feds” (not Obama) “neglected” to collect billions from oil companies and the current changes in the agency (Obama) won’t change much either

Some watchdogs say the reform doesn’t go far enough. By leaving existing leadership in place, the changes amount to ``rearranging the deck chairs on the Deepwater Horizon,” said Jeff Ruch, executive director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

.LA Times continues its spill coverage with shocking photos

.Orlando Sentinel reports on the corner cutting that led to the disaster – seems those censured photos finally come to light too

.In LA, they echo th “do nothing” battlecry

.but beaches being ceaned do show on front pages

.Meanwhile in Afghanistan things go badly – and there’s a plane crash in india too nobody talks about

.WaPo mentions the war but skips the oil spill – cuz – how many bad news can you deliver?

In DC, the examiner has bad news for its readership: Hide your ipods and iphones,the poor kids are coming!

.Obama Times reporta on a cover up in a Haiti prison. No war, no spill – but Cuomo’s campain is on!

and in the few NY papers that I see, boy is it on!


.NY Post

Me? I’ll look what the greens come up with or write someone/something in.