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I will pick Northwest Florida Daily News as the cover of the day because of the appropriate headline: WHAT SMELLS?”. The obvious answer – not just the oil coming ashore but BP-s lies being now revealed.

As usual tabloids are easily distracted. Just like in the past they were all a twitter because Obama swatted a fly, they are now obsessing about bigger, unidentified vermin intruding in the TOTUS event. At least half page ones are dedicated to it. NY Daily News “Say cheese”

and NY Post – the mole at the White House

.And whle Rahm’s post sees nothing important today beyond the “historical” financial bill

in Louisiana we are told that “OIL INVADES STATE”

.and while nobody called the spill “historical” yet, the Boston Globe offers us some perspective, by evaluating the lingering effects of the Cape Code spill since 1969

.In search of credibility, Obama Times finds room for the BP spill nest to historical Obama (bellow the fold though)

.USA Today should get an honorable mention for the most ironic spill headline

.For other news – Moonie Times has a headline about Democrats running against Obama


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