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My creation:  The Flying Spagetti Mohammed from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster who demands everyone to eat spaghetti, whether you believe in their holy nature or not. Eat them, damn it!
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Draw Muhammad Day’: Pakistan bans YouTube; Facebook still blocked [

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Not all the newspapers appear on Newseum – my main source of page ones, which informed my earlier entry. Sometimes interesting covers are in the street – and I photographed two today.

The Daily News has an interesting story on the ground zero Mosque bru-ha-ha. The inside headline

Tea Party leader Mark Williams says Muslims worship a ‘monkey god’, blasts Ground Zero mosque

while El Diario tells us its readers are fed up. I don’t need a lot of spanish to translate the headline under Obama’s photo:

JUST WORDS. The subtitle reads: Federal Agenda: rhetoric,, little substance, nothing concrete

Remember Obama’s pledge “I will not rest until the spill is contained“?

I think I’ll pick USA Today as cover of the day for putting the two stories side by side – you see Obama not resting as the hurricane “may may spill worse ”

.and for a close-up of the “not resting” see NY Post – you see the effects of the lack of rest on both

.The Most blatant post-election spin in in a PA paper

.but Rahm Post

.and Obama Times aren’t that far behind

.And the oil spill gets its dose of spin too – it’s good for tourism one Fla paper reveals – as the others just don’t cover it today

.That is a bit harder in LA, as it’s right there

.In other news – Vive la France! DC Express seems critical of France’s decision to outlaw the burka

In NY, it seems it’s in poor taste now to flaunt it (much)

.and Long Island is upstate with state budget cuts


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