Today is the primary in Pennsylvania so I’ll give PA inquirer the top spot: Go Sestak!

.Runner up goes to Metro New York for the outrageous story it reports: no rights but ceremonies for same sex gay marriages?

.In startling news: guess who got lucky with Immigration?

.The leak is restricted to local papers, and so is the panel “hitting on Obama, BP”

The criticism was delivered at the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, which disapproved of both BP and the federal government for failing to anticipate such a catastrophe.

(and it’s from Joementum too). In the photo, they pick bits of tar from the beach.

.The New York Times has a bombshell on Chriss Dodd’s handpick successor to the senate – lying about service in Vietnam

.Moonie Times sports a very shady looking Specter photo – seems he’s sneaking out of that plane

.USA Today on SCOTUS decision

.and WaPo too