I have recently described the B0bots state of mind when asked to support Specter over Sestak

Here’s the OFA sign up sheet for PA

Delivering for Pennsylvania and Get Out The Vote (2010 PA Primary)
For years, Arlen Specter has delivered for the people of Pennsylvania, and now we can deliver for him, help us get out the vote for Senator Spector by singing up for a shift in the most crucial days before the primary.

President Obama wants Senator Specter to continue working on his behalf, can you sign up to volunteer today?

But as of yesterday, the White House was bracing for a loss

As for Shieffer’s claim that the White House is preparing for a Specter loss, keep in mind that the White House decided against a last-minute visit to Pennsylvania by Obama. Also, the White House would presumably have access to the best intelligence on the race from the DSCC, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, and the office of Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, all of whom have thrown their weight behind Specter.

So if Shieffer’s right, all these people may be privately telling the White House Specter may be going down. Which means it just may be true.

and not only that, Obama is now distancing himself from the stench of loss

White House distances Obama from Specter

with this hilarious statement

On the eve of the election, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said that while Obama was following the Pennsylvania race — as well as primaries in Arkansas and Kentucky — he wasn’t watching that closely.

.In fact, he wasn’t even in the same room as the TV, honestly! That’s the ticket!

And that video doesn’t even exist!

Arlen love

Oh, and some more merriment from B0botland

. Suppose they’ll notice

Suppose they’ll consider it a “mistake” to have tried to oppose their own party?

Nah, I didn’t think so either.

3. Huh? Last I looked, Specter is a Dem. And seeing as neither the

Prez or the VP is campaigning for Specter, they noticed.

.They did

They campaigned for him a lot. And they fund raised for him as well. And they used the OFA to try to influence the voters in PA. And now that he might lose, they are avoiding him. Do ya think they might ever admit that it wasn’t a good idea to back him in the first place?

53. Gibbs tomorrow: Arlen who?

never heard of him. :shrug:

But today, Obama is still the multi-dimensional chess player who got his 60th vote out of Specter – yeay!

84. The WH support has nothing to do with ideology.

* WH support for Specter was in exchange for the 60th vote which passed HCR and the stimulus.

* WH support for Lincoln follows the theory that possession is 9/10 of the law. It’s easier and less costly to defend a seat already occupied versus an open seat.

.still some think

Will be hard for the WH to spin a Specter & Lincoln loss or near miss…

as evidence Democratic voters favor ‘moderate’ policies.

Nothing is hard to spin.

Is for me, I promise my favorite Specter memory after the results are in.